Name of Department DAIRY SCIENCE
Name of establishment 1979-80
Courses taught U.G-

  1. B.Sc Dairy Science
  2. B.A. Domestic  Animal Farming
Previous HoD Dr.V.G.Bhosle (1982-2004)
Present Teaching Staff
  1. Dr.A.M.Patil
  2. Mr.R.B.Yedatkar
  3. Mr. J.V.Patil
Present Non Teaching Staff
  1. Shri. B.T.Buye
  2. Shri. S.A.Nagargoje
  3. Shri. R.P.Biradar
Students strengthMale/Female=Total     For the year 2014-15:                Total         Female              Male              51                     29                     22
Available Labs Two
  1. Participation at State Level AVISHKAR Research Festival and District level First, University level- Second.
  2. Regular practical visits to Dairy Technology college, Veterinary college, Cattle breeding farm, Chilling plant, Dairy plant etc.
  3. MoU signed with Poultry and Hatchery farm
Equipments available(Important only)
  1. H.T.S.T pasteurization
  2. Homogenizer.
  3. Machine Milking.
  4. Ultrasonic Digital Milk Analyzer.
Any other
  1. Dr.A.M.Patil working as BoS Member in Dairy Science, SRTMU, Nanded.and Dr.BAMU, Aurangabaad.
  2. Mr. R.B.Yedatkar Asst. Prof Recognized as Best Teacher.


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