To  be  the  most  trusted  and  chosen  education  provider  of  the  region  through  sincere  teaching  and providing excellent educational infrastructure  to empower masses.


“Quality Education for the advancement of the masses.”


  • To provide  education  to  the  masses  and  the  backward  communities  to  bring  about  social awakening  and  awareness  in  them  promoting social  change  for  the  betterment  of  Self  and Society
  • To promote education of women and accelerate the movement of women empowerment
  • To provide  integrated  development  of  the critical  and  intellectual  faculties  of  the stakeholders so as to enable them to apprehend the  complex  socio-economic  contemporary  reality
  • To inculcate  democratic  values  of  equality,  fraternity,  liberty,  tolerance,  integrity  and  coexistence amongst the students
  • To promote ethical and moral values
  • To equip  the  students  with  some  skills  and  competencies  through  applied  and  carrier  oriented courses and create in them confidence  to accept the challenges of times
  • To make the students knowledgeable, conscientious, cultured and responsible citizens of the country

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