Women’s Empowerment Cell:-

The college has established Women’s Empowerment Cell. This  cell  works  for  creating  a  gender  discrimination  free  environment  in  the  campus.  Different activities are organized

by  this  cell  to  make  awareness  regarding  health,  sports,  self defense  and  so  on.  Women’s  empowerment  cell  has  also  conducted  activities  like  seminars,  workshops,  discussions, guest  lecture  on  women’s  issues  by  inviting  eminent  personalities from different fields. The major activities include:

  • One day women’s health camp, HIV Testing Camp
  • One day seminar on “Counseling and Mental Strengthening in Girls”
  • Seminar on Security of College Girl Students: Problems and Solutions
  • Workshop/training session on Self Defense for women
  • Celebration of World Women’s Day
  • One Day Seminar on Rajya Mahila Aayog: Functions, Rules  and Activity
  • Lectures on Women’s Health and Skin Problems and its Care.
  • Lecture on Women’s Protection Law and Information.

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