Departmental Profile

Name of department MARATHI
Year of establishment 1968
Courses taught UG— BA, Bom, Bsc,  PG-MA
Previous HOD
  1. Dr. Dnyanesh Ghate
  2.  Mr. R. A. Shinde
  3.  Dr.  Usha Nivargi
  4. Dr. Suresh Shinde
  5. Dr. Narsing Kadam


Present Teaching Staff
  1. Dr. Narsing Kadam
  2. Dr. Maroti Kasab
Present Non Teaching Staff  Nil
Students strengthMale/Female= total Opt +SL=   M—   197+   F—218 =  415
Available Labs Nil
Achievements/Highlights * Arrange oneday Workshop on B. A. S. Y. New Syllabus* Student Activity in classroom

1)  Group Discussion

2)  Seminar

3) MRP of DR. Kasab M.D.

4) MRP Report of DR Shinde SV