Departmental Profile

Name of department Mathematics
Year of establishment 1968
Courses taught Mathematics for and B.C.A
Previous HOD
  1. Shri L.B. Thakur(Principal & H.O.D)
  2. Shri S.M.Shinde
  3. Miss S.N.Deshpande
  4. M.G.Jadhav
  5. Dr.M.B.Dhakne
  6. S.V.Jagtap
Present Teaching Staff
  1. S.V.Jagtap (HOD, Vice Principal)
  2. S.D.Kamble (CHB)
  3. Shaikh Seema B.A. (CHB)
  4. Wadkar S.S. (CHB)
Present Non Teaching Staff Lohare R.N.
Students strengthMale/Female= total 98 boys + 125 girls = 223
Available Labs 01
Achievements/Highlights Conducted the Madhava Mathematical Examination Sponsered by TIFR &S.P.College Pune.159 students appeared for M.M.C, TWO International Publications.
Equipments Available(Important only) 20 P.C’s
Any Other Nil